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Welcome to Slow Healing Co.

I am a nurse on a mission to help women back into their roles as the experts of their bodies, hearts, and lives. I believe that our sexual and reproductive health is the seat of our wellness as women. Taking authentic pleasure in our own bodies is essential to healing ourselves and the earth. Cultivating non-violent relationships with ourselves is critical in healing violence in our world.

Wholeness is the goal. We can only heal so much without an open heart, without an awakened mind. My health work with women has only naturally included the very essences of humanity- birth, loss, blood, sweat, and lots of tears.

Getting women back in touch with their inner grit and courage is a part of the healing process that I relish in. I have helped women of all ages, sizes, colors, and backgrounds embrace their birthright wholeness. I’ve bore witness to the unfolding of women into their purpose, health, and power.

My work is an honor and a practice in humility. It is what I am put on this planet to do.


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